How to take care post cataract surgery? – After Care, Precaution and Recovery Time

Cataract is the clouding of clear lenses in our eyes. These develop slowly and then eventually start interfering with the vision. The only way to treat this condition is by Cataract Surgery. As the name suggests, cataract surgery is done to remove the cataract from the eyes and replace it with an artificial lens. There

What is Glaucoma and how can it be cured?

Glaucoma refers to a group of eye conditions that damage the optic nerve of the eye and can worsen over time. This is generally linked with the pressure build up inside the eye. Damage of the optic nerve can further lead to loss of vision. While it is most common in elderly people, it can

Cataract Problems in Children- Symptoms & Treatment

Cataract is an eye condition, wherein the clear eye lens gets clouded resulting in blurry vision. There is a common misconception that this occurs only in elderly people. But cataract problems can arise in children and babies. Children can develop cataracts in one or two eyes. Some cataracts are small in size and do not

Things you should know about Corneal Transplant

Cornea is the clear outermost layer of the eye which focuses on light to help us see better. Unlike other tissues, it does not have blood vessels. Cornea can get damaged due to various infections or eye injuries. Those infections are treatable with medications but severe cornea damage can lead to corneal scarring. In this

Protecting Your Vision When Your Job Needs Lot of Computer Work

Many people in this world have desk jobs and spend many hours a day, if not the whole day staring at a mobile or computer device. They usually do the same without realizing all the adverse side effects a wrong monitors configuration or a lack of protective gear can put on their bodies. Using a