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We need healthy and well-functioning eyes for performing our all routine daily activities like reading, writing, working in kitchen, driving etc but more often than not we tend to take our eyes for granted. We need to understand that our eyes need regular check up to keep them in optimal health. Our team at Tetravue is well equipped to provide a comprehensive clinical evaluation which includes computerized refraction, tonometry, slit lamp examination and fundus evaluation. We are well equipped with the state of art diagnostic instruments like OCT for corneal and retinal diseases, Visual Field analyzer for glaucoma, Optical Biometer for cataract latest tomography for diagnosis of corneal ectasia.

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As our Centre’s name suggest, ours is a superspeciality eye centre. Our team includes expert ophthalmologist specializing in all sub specialties of the eye. We are competent to provide best comprehensive eye care and treat all types of complex eye ailments.

  • All types of simple and complex cataract surgeries
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Retinal detachment
  • Age related Macular degeneration
  • Glaucoma
  • Uveitis
  • Infections of eye
  • Keratitis
  • Keratoconus
  • Corneal transplant
  • Dry eye
  • Refractive (LASIK) surgery
  • Contact lenses
  • Disorders of eye lids

What’s Our Speciality

Why Choose Us?

We guarantee the highest professional standards and use the proven, pioneering andgame-changing ReLEx smile technique performed with ZEISS VisuMax as well as the mostadvanced lens surgery by the best eye specialists in Delhi.


World class high professional standards of care

Dedicated team of specialist eye professionals

Range of latest and modern diagnostic and surgical equipment


Our Statement

At our family owned eye clinic near Ramesh Nagar, Delhi, we strive to provide our patients with the ultimate eye care experience every time they visit. Check out our Mission and Vision Statement below!



Our mission is to restore the traditional relationship between the doctor and the patient which has been based on care, faith and trust. Our endeavor is to provide excellent eye care to all with empathy and compassion. We believe that technological innovation and academic knowledge helps us to provide best possible eye care to our patients and we make a continued effort to be abreast with the latest developments in eye care in the world and make a sincere effort to provide what is standard of care for all our clients.


We envisage that everyone should have access to comprehensive eye care without the barriers of social or financial discrimination. We believe that change is the only constant in life and it is our duty to our customers to give them both “what is time tested” and also “what is latest” so that every patient of ours has access to the best possible eye care.

Our Principles

Our guiding principle is to do ethical medical practice to provide excellent and comprehensive eye care to all with care and compassion at our eye hospital in Delhi NCR.

  • We Aspire to Excellence
  • We Embrace Diversity and Community
  • We Promote Curiosity
  • Our Community Achieves Through Collaboration
  • We are Passionately Engaged

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to develop a traditional doctor -patient relationship based on trust and faith while providing modern and up to date excellent eye care services using the latest technology and innovations in eye care.

  • We believe in the power of sight
  • We believe in each individual’s unique vision
  • We believe in state-of-the-art medical eye care
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Our Doctors

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Dr. Neha Goel

Dr Neha Goel completed her graduation (MBBS) and post-graduation (MS ophthalmology) from the esteemed Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi followed by three years senior residency (super specialisation in vitreoretina)…….

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Dr. Mukesh Taneja

Dr. Mukesh Taneja did his Post-graduation and Senior Residency from prestigious Maulana Azad Medical College and Guru Nanak Eye Centre, New Delhi, followed by a fellowship in Cornea & Anterior Segment at world-renowned LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad in the year 2001-02…..

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Dr. Kalpana Sangwan

Dr. Kalpana Sangwan is a senior vitreo-retina specialist at ​Tetravue Superspeciality Eye Centre , Ramesh Nagar, Delhi. She is an eminent vitreo-retina and uveitis specialist. She was extensively Trained during her fellowship in Vitreoretinal surgery ( F.V.R.S) from one of the most prestigious……

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


If you would like to make an appointment with one of our experts, please contact our reception staff. Alternatively you may book your appointments online. Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred time and choice of practitioner.

Yes, one can walk in to consult an ophthalmologist but taking an appointment is preferrable as otherwise it may need more waiting time depending on the availability of slot for a particular specialist.

While taking an appointment it would be helpful to have the patient’s name, address, age and mobile number ready. You should also mention the nature of the eye problem for which you are requesting an eye examination for as that would help the reception desk to direct you to the right specialist.

It would be helpful if you carry all your reports and records pertaining to your previous treatment or examination at any other place.

We prefer to do retina examination for all our patients on their first visit to our hospital and also on subsequent visits if required. This would need dilatation of the pupils which means that reading and writing of small print might become difficult for 3-4 hours (you will be able to use your phone) and also driving may become difficult for 3-4 hours! You should make arrangements for your visit accordingly.

Generally, an eye examination will take about an hour. However, for retina examination an additional one hour would be needed for dilatation of pupils. For some eye ailments we may have to do certain additional tests and scans which would need additional time allocation.


Patients Testimonials

Sunny AroraSunny Arora
13:16 10 Feb 24
Superb facilities
Manvi GuptaManvi Gupta
13:13 10 Feb 24
Got my Lasik Surgery done by Dr. Mukesh. He explained the process very well and the surgery was extremely smooth. Even post-surgery he was very available and supportive.
Sudhir GirhotraSudhir Girhotra
14:53 26 Oct 23
Dr mukesh taneja... Very humble and very intelligent...
Sagar AlaghSagar Alagh
15:56 25 Sep 23
Great Doctor with Great Staff. 100% recommendations
Harpreet MarwahHarpreet Marwah
18:10 08 Aug 23
Dr. Taneja patiently listened, gave appropriate time and suggested medication! Got fine soon! The clinic infra is equally good.
Jyoti SachdevaJyoti Sachdeva
14:14 08 Jun 23
Got lasik done 15yrs back from Dr.Mukesh Taneja and got it check at his new centre what a lovely set up and I m happy that my eyes are still wonderful even after so many years.This is when u have experienced doctor by your side, the trusted name even for my parents and extended family.Thanks Dr.Mukesh Taneja for always being nice to my eyes and visionHappy Patient💙
sanjeet yadavsanjeet yadav
07:36 24 May 23
Awesome ophthalmologist.. !!!Thank you for your excellent care and kindness. I feel lucky and blessed knowing you all… I want to thank you for everything you are doing to help patients. I am blessed to have you as my eye doctor.
Aarti NatarajanAarti Natarajan
12:08 26 Feb 23
Dr. Neha Goel is not only highly qualified and competent, she is also ready to answer the sometimes endless questions which patients have. Her manner is reassuring and puts you at ease that you are in safe hands. One feels scared these days about trusting doctors but with Dr. Neha Goel, you can be assured that her diagnosis will not just be accurate, it will also not involve you taking unnecessary medications. Highly recommend.

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